Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Mother's only wish

Say it isn't so, am I still dreaming?,
The cooking, the washing, the shopping, the cleaning?
I'm 2 hours too soon, to be done with my chores,
Why, I've even made sure, to mop up the floors.
How is it then, that I got 2 extra hours,
I'm not supermom and I don't have superpowers

I'll tell you the magic, the answer you seek,
It's really quite simple, you're just going to shriek!
But first, what could I do, with this new gift of time,
A mother's only foe, but now it's sublime.

Perhaps some time to tend to my garden,
To plant some tomatoes and chillies, would be a real bargain.
A small birdhouse, nestled in between,
To enjoy the sound of chirps and tweets,
That's just a beautiful scene!

Perhaps some time to pick up my kids from school,
To surprise them and see their smiling faces.
Maybe I'll take them to a restaurant instead,
To dine and enjoy the finest of spreads.
I'd get to talk to them about their day,
A wonderful way to bond, what else can I really say.

Some more time, to read them a story,
Some more time, to play in the backyard with them,
Some more time, to sing songs and dance,
Some more time, to give art a chance.
How lovely these 2 extra hours would turn out for me,
What I would do without them, I cannot imagine indeed.

Perhaps some more time to take up knitting,
Winter's coming, some sweaters would be fitting.
What a relief it would be for my aching legs and back,
Some time to sit and relax, or maybe even munch on a snack.
My rocking chair, a ball of yarn, and 2 needles are all I require,
This time to myself, I truely can cherish,
That's every hard-working mother's desire.

I would now have time to plan out a picnic,
Or even have time to take my kids to the zoo.
I could bake a cake or bake some cookies,
They'd drop anything they were doing and come looking for the goodies.
I love my job of being a mom,
My family means the world to me,
To love, to care, to always be there,
That's what motherhood is all about.

Last but not least, I would spend time for my husband
He is my strength, my support system, my heartbeat, my all.
Who knows how to make me smile, when I'm sad,
The one who says "Darling, I'll do the dishes. What a busy day you've just had".
I'd prepare him a romantic candle light dinner,
Open up a bottle of wine or champagne,
A beautiful evening we'd enjoy together,
A perfect way to finally rekindle the flame.

So how oh how did I get these 2 extra hours all for myself,
The answer's right here, sitting atop my shelf.
Yes, rightly you read, the words on the box,
That's Surf Excel Matic, now make sure you keep it in stock!

**This post was written for the Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest on A special thanks to our sponsors at HUL.

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  1. Nice poem... very expressive and full of love and warmth. All the best :)

  2. soooo sweet ,and all the best for the contest

  3. Thanks so much Anukriti :). Came from the heart!

  4. Thank you Seema. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Well written, you deserved it, Congrats :)

  6. Congratulations... very well done poem. Many homemakers can relate to it.

  7. Congratulations, well deserved win. :-)

  8. beautiful sketch of life in motion...

  9. As I was reading through your poem, I was drawing pictures in my mind as each lined proceeded. I had assimilated it as a poem full of expressions; expressions and feelings that a Mother goes through. How even the mere two extra hours can do wonders in her routine. But, the last line Surf Excel Matic just did wonders to, it brought a smile on my face.

    Beautiful poem with lovely expressions! :)

  10. Hey keep posting such sensible and significant articles.