Saturday, April 28, 2012

You only live to ride and you ride to live!

The first time you sat on a bike, you had to pedal on two. The second time you sat on a bike, you realized you were INVINCIBLE!

Wanna know why I ride?
I ride because it feels good. Because it means the world to me.
Because it means full control and freedom. Because it means camaraderie.
I ride because I love everything about the sound, the visual,
The challenge, and the art of maneuvering the machine.
There is nothing else in life that offers all of these things in one package making motorcycling the ultimate utopia.
The joy of the open road is something that is lost when traveling in a cage. 
When I ride my motorcycle, it makes me feel the nature, not just see it from the window.
You tend to get connected with your surroundings.
As you ride on, a potpourri of scents pass into and out of your helmet,
The subtle texture of the road is felt through your grip on the handlebars, every bump cushioned by the suspension,
And you can feel your hair rise on the back of your neck every time you pull the accelerator.
That's what riding is all about.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Biker Code of a true biker!

So what is the Biker Code all about? Anyone with a passion for motorcycles can relate to the pure adrenaline and exhilarated feeling when sitting on the back of a machine, not having a care in the world but having that sense of pride in riding your motorcycle. The freedom, the open road, to be honest it's the only place out there where life makes perfect sense. Sometimes you come out of it seeking the answers you were searching for. Other times you ride, just for the love of being on two wheels, exploring different places, taking in the sights and sounds all around you. Riding over the years, you certainly come closer to the true meaning of being a biker.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Mother's only wish

Say it isn't so, am I still dreaming?,
The cooking, the washing, the shopping, the cleaning?
I'm 2 hours too soon, to be done with my chores,
Why, I've even made sure, to mop up the floors.
How is it then, that I got 2 extra hours,
I'm not supermom and I don't have superpowers