Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Biker Code of a true biker!

So what is the Biker Code all about? Anyone with a passion for motorcycles can relate to the pure adrenaline and exhilarated feeling when sitting on the back of a machine, not having a care in the world but having that sense of pride in riding your motorcycle. The freedom, the open road, to be honest it's the only place out there where life makes perfect sense. Sometimes you come out of it seeking the answers you were searching for. Other times you ride, just for the love of being on two wheels, exploring different places, taking in the sights and sounds all around you. Riding over the years, you certainly come closer to the true meaning of being a biker.

Well, here's my humorous take on the Biker Code!

Take care of your bike and your bike will take care of you. Otherwise like ALL women, she's gonna start giving you a hard time!

A true biker knows every little detail of his bike, or atleast tries to. You don't wanna come out looking like a jackass when someone asks you to hit the choke button and you're fumbling all around the bike trying to find it.

DO NOT let an untrained numskull "take a virgin trip" on your bike. The ignoramus would probably crank the gas and pop the clutch causing your bike to ricochet uncontrollable and end up scratched/busted with the sidelight probably dangling like a mouse, not to mention the road rash present he's gonna get after it.

Before you start your journey, a black leather jacket and a helmet with a dark visor is always advised with the possibility of gloves to accessorize. The chances of chicks checking you out are significantly doubled than without them. Besides safety first!

Time has never been a problem for a true biker. We are always on time 'cause we make our own roads or in worst case insanely speed up to make time!

When a fellow biker flashes his lights at you, be sure to flash back. He may be warning you there are cops ahead so you can avoid having to pay for a senseless ticket just because you wanted your hair to look great for your date.

If you see girls on the road heading in your direction, do not honk. It's old school. Instead flash them with the high beam flasher button so conveniently placed for you. It's more flattering that you're putting them in the spotlight and it's less obvious to others.

There is nothing sexier than letting a chick ride your bike, while you're sitting on the back! In fact, just watching them handle a bike is a turn on itself!

If you see a smoking hot girl sitting on the back of a bike with some poser on the front, make sure you pull up to her, give her a quick teasing glance, downshift, rev your engine TWICE and then blast off like your tail is on fire. IF she felt it, that's definitely gonna push a button or two on her.

If you every see a biker with the side stand down and still thinking he owns the road, pull up to him, tell him to put the stand up and before you ride off, smack him on the head so hard he's never gonna leave that stand hanging again.

You can always tell when a person with a passion for motorcycling has made a road. It's such a thrill to be riding on a winding road full of smooth curves, banking left and right amidst the beauty of mother natures tall and beautiful trees.

Road trips, although fun on 4 wheelers, can be a nightmare at times. When someone gets car sick, it about 2 days of hard labor just trying to get the funk out of the car. No chance of that happening on a bike!! BIKE ROAD TRIPS ROCK! The fresh air, the wind beating on your face, besides a perfect opportunity where your female friend on the back will grab you for dear life as you burn rubber!

Being the alpha rider is inborn in a motorcyclist. No matter where, when or how, if you see a bike comparable to yours on the road, somehow the need to show superiority always persists. The funny part is the other guy also seems to be game and partake in the impromptu battle. Kudos if you come out victorious. If you didn't well you may have met you match!

It doesn't get any better than for a biker to travel in a gang. 'Nuff said!!

Motorcycles come in different shapes and sizes. Motorcyclists also come in different shapes and sizes. Although its funny to see a 200 pound guy riding a 125cc bike, RESPECT to the biker in him!

Never underestimate a cow/buffalo/dog/cat/man/woman basically any creature dumb enough to walk, run or lay in the middle of the road when you thought you could enjoy the speed thrills in riding your bike. The damage done can definitely put a hole in your wallet in terms of spare parts and repairs. So always keep your eyes on these crazy toons.

Stunt riding is an art only perfected by the elite of bikers. Wheelies, stoppies and burnouts are the most common of them though there are variations of the lot. When you see a person attempt to take his bike an inch off the ground or stall the bike during the burnout or worse lets go of the front brake to run straight into the garage door, that my friends is called a NOOB BIKER.

Give yourself a pat on the back every time you come out alive after playing a game of chicken while overtaking on the wrong side of the road. It takes judgement, control and above all balls to stare death in the face and live to ride another day.

Flipping off dumbass drivers on the road has never been more rewarding while riding your bike. Just one small gesture can let out so much anger. Not only does it leave the recipient, struggling to return the favor, in fact you just probably messed up his whole day because of it.

What is with the outlaw image of a biker? Why do cops find it a pleasure to stop us, extort money from us unnecessarily and make it seem as though all teenagers on a motorcycle are a safety hazard on the streets. I mean if I had the option I'd definitely be up for a police chase.

I feel it's a major milestone every time I see my odometer turn from X999KM to X000KM. I'd rather keep my eyes on the counter than on the road to miss such a spectacular achievement.

We only realize how precious fuel is when your bike's on reserve, and you're tipping it all the way down just so you can get those last few drops to get her started again.

You know you got the biker DNA in you when you get a rush just watching a Youtube video of a dashboard cam mounted on an R1 racing through the Autobahn topping up at 300km/hr. Now that's a dream I sure wish would become my reality.

The rules of the road make little difference to a biker. We find an excuse just to get an opportunity to break a rule.

Last but not least. Ever biker knows what it feels like floating in the air. Speed bumps were invented to slow down cars but to make bikes fly.

So there you have it. That's my take on what being a biker is all about. You may/may not see the humor in the code, but if you are a real biker, only you will see the hidden gems within the code. Riding ain't about whose got the biggest attitude or the baddest bike on the street. It ain't about how loud your engine is or how fast you can ride. It ain't about the chrome or the leather or the tattoos across your arm. It's about Respect, Honor, and most of all Passion. Passion to get on two wheels and live life to the fullest.

Enjoy the ride Indibikerz!!

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  1. Very funny and perfect capture of a biker's mindset...from what I hv heard from bikers:)

  2. Too good man...Great writeup... You actually captured a lot in a very catchy way :)

  3. True true ... every point right on the money

  4. Simply Beautiful...all of it
    Ride on and Ride safe!!!

  5. Simply Beautiful...all of it
    Ride on and Ride safe!!!

  6. Simply Beautiful...all of it
    Ride on and Ride safe!!!

  7. What you are spoken communication is totally true. i do know that everyone should say a similar factor, however I simply assume that you simply place it in an exceedingly method that everybody will perceive. i am positive you may reach such a lot of folks with what you've to mention.

  8. What you are spoken communication is totally true. i do know that everyone should say a similar factor, however I simply assume that you simply place it in an exceedingly method that everybody will perceive. i am positive you may reach such a lot of folks with what you've to mention.