Saturday, April 28, 2012

You only live to ride and you ride to live!

The first time you sat on a bike, you had to pedal on two. The second time you sat on a bike, you realized you were INVINCIBLE!

Wanna know why I ride?
I ride because it feels good. Because it means the world to me.
Because it means full control and freedom. Because it means camaraderie.
I ride because I love everything about the sound, the visual,
The challenge, and the art of maneuvering the machine.
There is nothing else in life that offers all of these things in one package making motorcycling the ultimate utopia.
The joy of the open road is something that is lost when traveling in a cage. 
When I ride my motorcycle, it makes me feel the nature, not just see it from the window.
You tend to get connected with your surroundings.
As you ride on, a potpourri of scents pass into and out of your helmet,
The subtle texture of the road is felt through your grip on the handlebars, every bump cushioned by the suspension,
And you can feel your hair rise on the back of your neck every time you pull the accelerator.
That's what riding is all about.

It's exhilarating to have the wind roll off your chest,
To feel the heat, the noise and power of the motor right there between your legs.
You see the road blend into nothing under your feet, you get to experience the elements all around you.
From the frigid winter's numbing chills, to the hottest of summer days,
Getting drenched riding in the rain, or enjoying the pleasant breeze in spring, time and time again.
It's always a different experience and it brings a smile to my face.
I've got many years ahead of me to enjoy the ride. And that's exactly why I ride, for pure enjoyment.
I remember the times when the weather was perfect, the road just so with curves one after the other,
An endless stretch of the wide highway disappearing into the horizon beyond,
My pulse racing to take on the unpredictable adversities that lie before me.
And I fell into a flow where everything just became quiet.
It doesn’t happen often, but those moments are precious and you know they’re out there waiting,
You just feel good and want to keep going. You might be tired and a bit broken, but the road just keeps calling.
For that moment, it just you and your machine!

Almost every ride tears a bit away some of that armor of fear I had hidden myself behind.
Just a few minutes on my bike and I can leave behind anger, frustration, pain, sorrow,
And just enjoy the thrill of leaning into a curve, the vibration and surge accelerating past the pack of traffic,
And letting the wind carry my troubles away.
It's the only place out there where life makes sense.
It doesn't matter what you ride, but you 'ride'.
Nothing comes close to shifting through the gears, revving you engine announcing your arrival.
Tires squealing, rubber peeling, the rider and machine become one.
She feels your every move, your instinct. It's all a thrill seeker could ask for.
Your head, you eyes, your hands and your feet all working in sync with the bike.
Unleashing the speed and precision that the bike demands and delivers.
You have to focus on what you're doing and that takes your mind off everything and brings about a sense of calm.

There’s something about being on the edge the entire time.
Rolling on two wheels, living your life just inches above the asphalt.
Somewhere in the distance, you feel the reaper waiting for you.
At 75 miles per hour, your brain kicks into overdrive, your heart furiously beating that you can almost hear it.
One lapse in concentration or judgment, or blame it on sheer bad luck and it may as well be your last ride.
But that’s when the biker in you comes alive, adrenaline flowing through your veins.
You get the confidence, the courage, and control over the beast.
You appreciate every aspect of engineering and manufacturing that went into the bike,
Let alone the raw power of the throttle in the palm of your hands.
Yet, if any of the parts were to fail, it could easily be all over.
But that’s just a risk you'll have to take because you only live to ride and you ride to live!
And then there are those, that take the bike to the extreme limits, brandishing it as if it were a toy,
Daredevils ready to defy the laws of physics, performing the most outrageous of stunts never thought possible.
To them I say Salut!, you have truly mastered the machine.

Every trip has a story to tell, every mile, an adventure in the making.
Amongst us, legends exist - to insipre us, to motivate us.
That's what instills in us the passion for motorcycling, to create our own memories on the road.
Sometimes we ride for pleasure, sometimes we ride with a purpose.
The minute you start up your bike, strapping on your helmet, listening to the engine warm up,
You don’t know what your gonna expect on your journey, and that’s what makes it exciting.
You don’t ride to reach a destination. You ride on to find a new one.
No town is too distant, no road too small, no place too dark that your headlight can't illuminate.
When I'm with my bike, I'm never lost. It just means I've found some place new.
I may be in the middle of  a forest enjoying the sights of a waterfall hidden in the midst,
Or I might be in the mountains some place taking in the beauty that's capturing me.
I may be on the edge of a cliff watching the sun melt away into the ocean,
Or I may be watching the silhouette of the moon as I stare into the night.
Then I look over at my bike, and just stare at her. You could almost make out a smile on her face.
My faithful companion. I pat the gas tank and say "Wow! Thank you for the ride and for bringing me here!"

When you ride a bike you're a part of a family, every other biker you meet seems to feel the same.
The knowing wave from fellow riders is like nothing else.
We share a bond that sets us apart from the rest of the motoring world.
It's not the beards, the pony-tails, the beer-guts, the muscles, the scars or the tattoos that epitomize a biker.
It's not the leather, the boots, the glares, the bandanas or the gloves that portrays what kind of biker you are.
In fact, being a biker meant breaking all kinds of stereotypes.
Don't matter if you're male or female, a nerd or jockey, blind in one eye or deaf in both ears
All you need is heart and passion to ride on and experience life on two wheels.
Being part of the brotherhood of a biker gang is something you cannot comprehend unless you are in it.
People from all walks of life uniting on a common front, to get out on the open road in search of new exploits.
The deafening rumble of a 150 or so engines, thundering through the streets,
You feel proud as you see the astonished and admiring looks on people faces,
Some of them cheering, feeling that spirit of freedom you carry along with you.
It's unbelievable! Truly Special!

All in all, I just love my bike and everything about it. 
I've had the best of times enjoying the ride along with my friends, exploring places together.
On the flip side, I've also had my fair share of close calls and ridiculous accidents that's left a mark.
But that's not stopped me from becoming the biker I am today.
I'm just waiting for the next opportunity to get back on the saddle,
And write another chapter of my escapades along with my partner in crime!

Ride Safe! Ride Cool! Ride Hard! and Ride on Forever!

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  1. Absolutely brilliant write-up. You've captured the essence of what riding is all about, and done it beautifully. I can practically feel the love flowing through your words :)

    Best of luck for the contest!


  2. WOW! Great Write up!


  3. One of the best write ups i have ever read on internet.

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  5. Excellent write up... catches up the thrill of riding... Can I cross post this on my blog where I' currently writing about my bike trip to Leh.

  6. No Probs Nitin... And looking forward to reading about your trip to Leh. Heard its a good place to ride.. and wanna try that out some time.

  7. I don’t skills ought to I provide you with thanks! i'm altogether shocked by your article. You saved my time. Thanks 1,000,000 for sharing this text.

  8. I don’t skills ought to I provide you with thanks! i'm altogether shocked by your article. You saved my time. Thanks 1,000,000 for sharing this text.